Resilience & Mindfulness

Corporate Wellbeing

Resilience & Mindfulness In Corporates

In this program, participants learn how to enhance their emotional resilience by increasing self-awareness and harnessing their attention through a embracing mindful mindset.

The essence of mindfulness is to be fully present at the present moment, conscious about what you do, how you feel and what you think. This ability protects us from being overwhelmed by the outside surroundings and the fast pace of business life. The outcome of this program is to understand the basics of mindfulness, mindful practices and the benefits of these practices on the overall wellbeing.

Resilience & Mindfulness In Corporates

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand resilience and optimism during adversity
  • Enhance resilience muscle of leaders
  • Handle stress and negative thoughts during tough times
  • Apply resilience model in day to day life
  • Create a positive meaning
  • Gain clarity & create a positive meaning
  • Strengthen your team resilience
  • Learn resilience techniques for handling tough situations better & not dwel
  • Discover how to improve their mental agility and better manage unhelpful thoughts and emotional reactions using the skill of mindfulness
  • Know how to apply mindful skills in everyday life to stay calm, balanced and on task in the face of change
Duration : 3 days.