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About Intellect Executive

Who We Are?

Intellect Executives is a learning coaching and development service provider in Egypt and MENA region. Established in 2012, with the strategy of using coaching methods to effectively lead change as well as mitigate it.

Intellect Executive believes that coaching is a continuous learning process. Starting from digging into employees challenges, along with setting the proper coaching methodologies that best fits employee’s needs. Finishing off with giving employees the tools needed in order to help assist them monitor their development.

As an overall approach we believe in effective solutions rather than pain killers building on your pain points core needs and we will take it from there. Focused on improving core competencies and engaging on deeper psychological levels, we will create an experience with a lasting benefit.

Our Story

SINCE 2012

Our story began when our founders started Intellect as a Change Management company.


On their quest to find the most qualified coaches that would fully grasp the Middle Eastern culture to be able to provide effective, culture sensitive coaching and training to our partners.


Which inspired the founders to offer in-house, ICF accredited coaching training courses and build Intellect own team of competent coaches.


Intellect School became the first company in the world to offer Arabic ACSTH program with 7 successful ICF accredited programs.

ntellect Executive cooperated with multinational and national corporation across Middle East and North Africa facilitated by Subject Matter Experts Coach-trainers.


Our one goal is to create a positive ripple effect through coaching and training.

Intellect Coaching

Learning Centric Approach ( LCA )

Intellect follows the learner-centered approach which view learners as active agents, where they bring their own knowledge, past experiences education, and ideas - and this impacts how they take on board new information and learn.


Where participants learn from the insights and contributions of others, as they do from their own reflections through discussions, activities and tools provided

Personalized experience

Each participant receive personalized learning bites following latest researches done on the acquired topic


Participants apply the content they got from group coaching, having support and accountability from others group members


We go deep and that’s our edge. We encourage our participants to share their needs, honest feedback as well as useful resources that solidify the overall individual experience

Access to Coach

Where participants have the opportunity to have his coach trainer as what we call a “though partner” to help him along his/her learning journey