The Leader The Coach

Leadership Development

The Leader The Coach Program

In the face of rapid, disruptive change, companies are realizing that managers can’t be expected to have all the answers and that command-and- control leadership is no longer viable. As a result, many firms are moving toward a coaching model in which managers facilitate problem solving and encourage employees’ development by asking questions instead of providing answers, supports employees instead of judging them.

Leadership Development

Key Benefits

  • Transformational Leadership

    Understand the 3 components of leadership; Emotional Intelligence, Leadership & Coaching.

  • Coaching Cases

    Strategize & practice developmental coaching sessions.

  • Coaching Competencies

    Understand & practice coaching competencies, techniques & tools.

  • Coaching Psychology

    Comprehend the power of having a coaching mindset in the day to day situations as a leader.

  • Support Vs. Challenge In Coaching

    Know how to handle the challenges of being both a leader & a coach.

  • Critical Situation Response

    Helps leaders manage and support their teams in a more Emotionally Intelligent way.

Two Days Online/Offline
Leadership Development

Program Topics Covered

  • Transformation cycle through emotional intelligence, leadership and coaching
  • Different roles of leadership- Coaching, mentoring and managing
  • The difference between different practices
  • Situational Leadership model- The role of coaching in development and performance conversations (examining situations and cases)
  • Coaching models that are most useful for changing people’s minds as well as solving problems
  • Listening at its different levels
  • The art of questioning that makes others think
  • Techniques for staying present and managing emotions during a coaching session
  • Development & performance conversation using coaching
  • Feedback techniques to use in a coaching conversation
  • Emotional intelligence as an important skill for leadership
  • GROW MODEL – leadership coaching in practice
  • Create your development plan for improvement
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