Authentic Leadership

Leadership Development

The Leader The Coach Program

Authentic leaders—people whose inner compass guides their daily actions and enables them to earn the trust of subordinates, peers, and shareholders. In this program, Leaders will experience different self-awareness practices (Purpose and values), choose their best-fit leadership style, explore techniques for self-discipline and effective communication strategies among their teams.

According to a study in the Leadership & Organization Development Journal, employees’ perception of authentic leadership serves as the strongest predictor of job satisfaction and can have a positive impact on work-related attitudes and happiness.

Leadership Development

Key Benefits

  • Cultivate Self-awareness

    Lead with integrity through discovering purpose, values & strengths.

  • Increase Empathy And Ethics

    Gives you the ability to make necessary decisions with integrity and allows you to support your team.

  • Trust Building Through Authenticity

    Understand the importance of building trust through authentic leadership.

  • Grow Into A Results-focused Leader

    Empowers you to create a future beyond your present reality and enables you to energize your employees to see the vision as clearly as you do.

One Day Online/Offline
Leadership Development

Program Topics Covered

  • The Universal model of leadership
  • Your leadership journey
  • Leadership reactive side
  • Reactive side case studies
  • Identity hooks
  • Reactive side acclaimed benefits
  • Cost of reactive tendencies on leaders and teams
  • Knowhow to balance your reactive side
  • How would each reactive side react in “Bonus” Situation
  • Creative side experiential activity
  • Creative side Model & Rating
  • Leader 2.0 canvas structure
  • Values assessment and explanation
  • Leadership main drivers
  • Leading team (structure and strength)
  • Leadership Personal Statement