Aligning Personal & Business Goals

Leadership Development

Aligning Personal & Business Goals

How to set personal objectives to create balance in life? How to create team objectives to ensure team Growth? How to ensure personal and team objectives serve business objectives?

These are questions that need to be answered. In this program, we help attendees f ind the internal motivation to reach peak performance by aligning the personal, team and business objectives.

Leadership Development

Key Benefits

  • Discover Your Long Term Objectives

    Discovering your personal objectives on both business & personal aspects.

  • Cascade Goal Alignment

    Team discussion on how to reach the objectives.

  • Prioritize Your Goals

    Create a simple individual development plan.

  • Celebrate Team Effectiveness

    Finding relationships between personal objectives, team objectives & business objectives.

One Day Online/Offline
Leadership Development

Program Topics Covered

  • Definition of personal objectives
  • Introduction to career values and types
  • Rank values according to fulf illment
  • What common goals do you have with your team?
  • Link common goals to your career values
  • Your needs and expectations f rom your team
  • Identify the gap between personal and business goals
  • Team Canvas model